Difference between other providers with ACEup?

Most of the providers are misleading the clients with online services like passport, votes id, e District certifications, MVD services.. etc are there on services. But we are providing direct agency ship from so many providers and direct customer support.

Advantage of taking our Franchise?

We are providing all the services that customers need in one roof like a bazaar.

Distance between ACEup Franchise?

Will allot 2 franchises in one Panchayat, 7 in Municipality, 14 in Corporation. Allocation depends on the packages taken by the Agent.

Eligibility to open a ACEup Franchise?

Needs personal identification like Aadhaar, Pancard, Votes Id, Photo of the applicant. Any one can start the franchise those who have Business and Services mentality.

Requirements to start the Franchise?

100 sq or about room spacing. Computers with Internet connection and colour printer with scanner. Free landers can also take with some conditions.

Is the franchise fee refundable?

Franchise is nonrefundable. Every year renewal charge should pay depending on the package selected.